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I'm working on a project using Meteor, Angular2, and babel (among others) using IntelliJ, in windows.  After upgrading our meteor version to 1.3.1, sourcemaps are no longer being generated properly.  I doubt anything in meteor is causing this, only mentioning for context.

I've followed this tutorial: and have a File Watcher setup, babel-cli and babel-preset-es2015 installed, and a .babelrc file in the root dir.  When the file watcher runs, I'm getting this error:

SyntaxError: {path omitted}/app.js: Unexpected token (55:0)
53 |
54 |
> 55 | @Component({
| ^

My guess is that the babel compiler isn't finding angular2, but I haven't been successful in finding info on how to solve that problem.

Any help would be awesome! (even if it is the end of the day on friday)

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Seems Babel throws errors on ES7 decorators (and they are, indeed, not a part of es2015 preset). See, for hints


I'm, however, not sure if you need to pre-compile ES6 for Meteor 1.3 using Babel file watcher, as Meteor provides full support for ES2015 modules...


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