Diagram of PSI structures for Scala code?

I'm using parts of the Scala plugin for my uni project and was wondering if there are any diagrams available (or BNF rules/anything vaguely close) that show how PSI elements are composed given code in Scala. It's proving hard to reverse engineer this info.

Thanks a lot for any insight!


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Try "Tools...View PSI Strucure".

I think there's also an older "PsiViewer" plugin that is in the process of being maintained to work in recent IDEA versions..


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Actually, using the PSI viewer is what I meant by reverse engineering. I was hoping for some kind of 'design document' about how bits of Scala syntax correspond to the generated PSI structure.

Thanks for the answer anyway.


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Use Scala Language Specification:
http://www.scala-lang.org/docu/files/ScalaReference.pdf (Chapter A - Scala Syntax Summary).

You may also consider:


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