Competition heating up

Among the responses to this blog:

There is the comment shown below. Eclipse is the main competition to
IDEA, so this is going to put a certain amount of pressure on JetBrains
to make progress on their plug-in.

I was looking at some Scala source code from the Lift framework and I
was disappointed at the number of red marks I saw.



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This is Martin, the language designer. I am sorry that your tool
experience was so frustrating.

I just wanted to say that my company Scala Solutions has taken the over
development of the Eclipse IDE for Scala. We should have a first beta
out together with the release of Scala 2.9, in a couple of weeks. I have
personally spent quite a lot of time improving the interface with the
compiler. I have now switched for all of my development work to our as
yet unreleased version of the Scala plugin for Eclipse. That’s after 20
years of emacs. And I am not looking back.

The new Eclipse IDE is not yet as feature complete as Java’s, but we
have made great progress in terms of stability and responsiveness in
large projects.

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Competition is good and if it spurs JetBrains to put more resources into its Scala work, I'll applaud that. As far as Scala support goes, Eclipse has a lot of catching up to do.

But Eclipse is inferior in every way and I'll never use it. It made such a bad impression the first time I tried, I simply have no interest in using it for anything.

Randall Schulz

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i think this is good. the more ides support scala properly, the better. scala should spread.

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... and the more people will use IntelliJ Scala plugin, so it's a win-win situation ;)


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