Scala class stopped being compiled in combined java/scala project

  I was using a scala class inside a java project successfully for a couple of weeks now.  But it has stopped being compiled.  Only the old version of the class file is being used.

Note: in the Compiler | Scala  The "Compile Scala classes first" is checked. That's the way it has been and was working until now.

I have done "Rebuild entire project" several times.

Also, the parser has started to act weird.  It can't find imports properly. I had to comment out valid code (compiles on scalac command line) to get it to be happy within IJ.

I am using IJ 9.0.3.

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As for the parser, it was refactored not long ago, so no wonder that some bugs may appear.
Please, report them and we'll fix them as soon as possible.

However, the problems with the compiler are unexpected.
Try to manually clear all output directories. If this won't welp, please, provide more information on how to reproduce the problem.
(for example, try to find, an older build that devoid of that problem and let us now the build number)

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IntelliJ IDEA 9 Scala plugin support is dropped. Please update IDEA to IDEA X. If behavior is same, please report it again.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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