Full rebuild does not continue correctly after failure

I have a medium sized multi-module project. If I do a full compile (either via maven.clean then idea.make or just idea.compile) and I get an error part way thru. After fixing the error and doing another idea.make does not complete the compilation. Most of the time idea just thinks that everything is built and doesn't even try to do more. Sometimes it does just a few more files. But never does it complete the build. I have to a full clean and start over.

I am also seeing other incomplete builds when modifying a trait and doing an idea.make where idea does not recompile the dependents.

I haven't been able to isolate this in a small test that I can submit, but still would like to kow if anybody else is seeing this behavior.


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I found out what was happening. I have some *.scala files that are scripts loaded by my app. I had idea setup to copy *.scala files as resources. Once I renamed those scripts to something other than *.scala (eg, *.scalas) and change the compiler resource wildcard the incomplete compiles no longer occured. Strange, but I suppose it could have something do with the use of fst.


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