Infuriating "file changed" dialog popups

PHPStorm has always seemed to pop up this "file changed" dialog - I don't understand it.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing else is operating on the files.

The only changes that show in the "diff" view are ones that I've made myself, in PHPStorm, but a few moments ago:

I can't think what else it would be. No other software does this; I can only think that this is somehow, buggy behaviour from PHPStorm.

I see that there are posts about this dating back to 2012 - is it time to revisit this functionality and debug it?

It's both frustrating and actually alarming to be told, sometimes every 10 minutes or so, that the files you think are solid, have somehow been changed.

Can we get to the bottom of this?

Many thanks,


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Here's the latest popup:

So it's clear that the file on disk is the previous state of the file. But the only place I'm editing this file in in PHPStorm, and the only change between then and now has been made in PHPStorm.

The only two interesting things are that 1) it's in a symlinked folder, and 2) it's on an NTFS drive on OSX.

Apart from that all normal.

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Here's another one - I literally just changed one line of a file, and PHPStorm tells me there's a "file cache conflict":


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And again.

I literally just added "ss" to a class name (I needed to test it wasn't being used by breaking composer autoloading) then saved, and this pops up:

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Are you working with files located on a mapped share or a remote server?

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Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for responding :)

I'm on OSX, and the source folder is symlinked to another location on the same drive.


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