Scala Compiler unhappy although Editor says OK

The attached screenshot shows:

  • the compiler is generating a lot of errors
  • but the Editor is happy with the file

Note: the editor did highlight in Red when I have a typo such as wrong class name or syntax error - so it's not the case that the editor is simply not parsing the file.

I am in 9.0.3 using the latest scala plugin that I am being permitted to install (0.3.2093) (Note I have a separate post that complains that this may not be the 'latest' version in the plugin repository - but IJ insists on using this version.)


Turn on Settings / Code Style / Scala / Other Settings / Enable experimental error highlighting (or press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E)

(see and for details)


Hi Pavel,
  thanks!  i made that change in settings.  I had to actually make some change (edit) in the file to 'nudge' but now am seeing additional highlights. It is far from complete still (many compiler errors not caught) but in any case it is step in right direction.


It's turned off by default, becuase it has additional wrong highlights (which you can report as bug

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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