performance problem in structure view if file contains many classes?

is this a known problem? i've got a file which contains about 5 implementations of a 6 method trait, total size is 125 lines. whenever i type, idea pauses for several seconds
if i close the structure view, everything is much faster


Yes, this has been the case for, well, since forever. Every once in a while I forget and get frustrated and start version hopping, only to come back the latest with the views closed.


It's known problem. Structure view strictly recommended to use only when you need it (Ctrl + F12). Also some users prefer to use IDEA without project view and nav bar. Then IDEA will work faster (without unnecessary background tasks), and any feature from project view or nav bar you can reach using some shortcuts..

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhlayuzin.


well, i only use both views because i have a 30" display, i never do anything there ;D


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