plugin broken for quite some time now


somewhere around build 1939, the plugin broke for me. in almost any class, i get stackoverflowerrors and syntax highlighting doesn't work properly (parser doesn't finish it seems). is this going to be fixed soon? i'd like to fulfill my duty as a nightly-build-user and flood youtrack with issues to help problems get fixed, but i cannot do this anymore because i am cut off from the real bugs.


Same for me. I upgrade every day and quickly roll back to 1939. I almost feel like I'm using the production build its so old ;-)


It's some kind of news... I definitely can't see that much errors. Is there a way to easily reproduce them?


i'll see if i can reproduce the error with one of my classes if i rip them out of my project. if not, i might as well upload the whole thing somewhere. but you have to promise not to steal it ;)


It doesn't neccessary.
It was same as (you sent us few stacktraces, they was the same)
And now it's fixed. Please wait for next nighlty.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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