red code cause #3: annotation parameters

Third in the top-10 relates to annotation parameters.
We're configuring the component graph for our projects using spring, and are using annotations like @Transactional.

At the moment any annotation parameters (like "readOnly" for @Transactional) are marked red in IntelliJ.
Even worse, completion and Ctrl-P ("parameter info") for annotation parameters seems to be totally absent, effectively sending us back to the Dark Ages of Manual Typing ;).

I think this is covered by

Given that modern-day frameworks (Hibernate, JPA, Spring, etc) expect a fair amount of annotation metadata, this issue is a day-to-day annoyance.



why don't you use java for these classes?


Not everyone on the project is using IntelliJ.
It would be strange to rewrite parts of the project source in Java just to get my own editor working "correctly".


unless some people are using textpad + manual compilation, what could be the problem?


These kinds of replies really annoys me. It's a very typical java-pea-brain answer which there is too much of in the java-community, sadly. He's using Scala for his project, that's it, it should work.


Let's not move the discussion into that direction. I'm just a maintenance programmer on those projects, not a Scala fanatic ;)

Back on topic, it seems that there are two problems actually:
1) There are no references provided for annotation parameters (no completion variants, etc)
2) The exposed Java PSI seems to not include annotation structures (or at least not completely)

It would be nice to have some feedback from Jetbrains on how much work is needed for either feature, and when we can expect it ;)



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