Whats the last build with smooth editing?

Does anybody know which was the most recent build before the latest round of slowdowns? I can't even move the cursor in some files without waiting seconds. I've gone back as far as 1213 without much improvement.


Looking at the commit logs updates to the plugin have been sparse  since April (and nothing erelated to performance). So I guess I would have go way back.


I'm fairly sure this is not a build-specific issue, but rather something idiosyncratic to particular user's set-up. A long time ago I experienced this sort of symptom (and it surely was very frustrating), but it has not been the case for a long time.

I think someone needs to dig in and find out what's in common between the set-ups of those who have this problem. E.g., the bit about the toolbar. I keep it displayed and it does not lead to this symptom.

Randall Schulz


Hmm. Well, I've had performance problems come and go from build to build. At one point the toolbar was the culprit, but not now. It could very well be that I worked on different bits of code with those different build, so maybe its a combination of build and certain code. I've just gone back to 1196 and its a world a difference. While not "java fast", at least I can type without having to browse the web between characters.

I wonder if Alexander or Pavel have seen any typical patterns across the various fixes that resolved big performance issues....?


We always use recent versions of plugin and usually notice no performance problems. Even if editor is not lighting-fast, performance is decent and lock-ups are exceptional cases.

It seems that most plugin lock-ups are connected to development  environment rather than plugin build. Thus we can't easily reproduce performance issues that depends on some specific tools configuration (OS, IDEA version and edition, JRE version, test framework, particular project, etc.).

The odds are that lock-ups are somehow persistent, so we're going to fight them.

P.S. Thanks for posted CPU snapshots


For myself, I run a very lean Idea -- nearly no plugins (in my Java days I had the kitchen sink installed). I always use the latest Idea EAP. I always run the latest plugin build (unless forced to do otherwise). And always run the latest JVM.

I almost always see performance issues in test code and rarely in production code. I used to use ScalaTest, but have since switched to JUnit @Test methods and "with SpecsMatchers" (I don't use Specs runner because I prefer to be able to run/rerun/debug/navigate-to individual test methods). From browsing the code, both ScalaTest and Specs have some (relatively) complex constructs, or at least a lot of implicits.


One of the things I find most frustrating is that editing // comments can be very very slow. Right now I'm working in a file
with only a class skeleton and adding //TODO commands and see second+ delays on typing characters within the

As I type some characters and then delete them I see the icons for the nodes in the package flash.
Now I close the package view --> delay is completely gone.
Now I open it back up but fully collapse it --> delay is complete gone.
Now I collapse but open the Libraries node --> delay is back (and see the icons flash)

I guess I will always try closing the package view when I see delays.


The package view was not the whole story. I would still see some delays (editing the comments). Closing the toolbar seems to
finish removing the delays.

Does all this point to something related to icon updating? I know the toolbar has been a long standing


my problems vanished witht he latest build. no idea if anything was fixed at all, but it's clearly better now


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