Scala Plugin Build 1070 creating duplicate imports

Not sure what causes it, but I seem to have situations where the plugin keeps on generating more and more import lines for some classes.  If you leave the editor window open you just see them growing before your eyes!


you can switch of "automatically insert non-ambigous imports" or what it's called to fix it. i encountered this problem a month ago already


I'll try to fix this bug soon. I even know what cause this bug, so I don't need an example. Also I'll do some autoimport changes, which possible fix this problem too.
You can disable autoimports just for file (press on head in bottom of IDEA UI), then manually write full qualified import and enable imports again.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.



Thanks for looking into this.  It has only hit me on one occasion and I don't quite know what made it different, but clearly you do which is great!

In the meantime I will turn off the auto import feature as advised if it re-occurs.



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