Many syntax errors highlighted in the IDE, but compiling perfectly in command line

Hello guys,

I am testing Idea with a Lift project in maven. The project compiles and works perfect in the command line, but IDEA marks many syntax errors with java related classes within the scala code.

For instance, in this line:

import{Connection, DriverManager}

I receive a "cannot resolve symbol Connection" in the editor, but the line compiles and works just fine with maven in the command line.

I guess I am setting something wrongly, but everything seems to be ok in the module setup.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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Should I add something about the JDK in the pom.xml file? The JDK is informed in the Module Settings, but it is not recognized, I think.

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Apparently was an error in the JDK setup. I have reconfigured it and now it seems to work fine.


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