Scala plugin does not report all errors

I am using the Community edition 9.0.1 build #IC-93.94, and the latest Scala plugin (version 0.3.473). I have JDK 1.6.0_17 installed under Windows XP professional SP3.

The Scala plugin's code editor pane does not flag certain errors, such as the following:

1) printlx("Hello world")  // mis-spelled "println" (no such value)

2) val x = 3; val x = 4;  // duplicated name "x"

Both the Eclipse and Netbeans plugins for Scala report an error for these conditions (as soon as the offending code is typed in). But with the IDEA Scala plugin these errors are never flagged by the code-editor. Only when a compile / build is requested, a separate pane lists these errors.

Is this the normally expected behavior of the Scala plugin?


The Scala plugin for IntellJ Idea aims to provide advanced on-the-fly static code analysis (without the need to compile or execute code).

Although the plugin is under active development and many inspections are temporary disabled to avoid false warnings,
we are going to release a version with complete code analysis soon.


in a soon days, weeks or month?


You can sometimes try to enable this feature and to see progress on this, which have even less then alpha quality.
Nightly builds has secret shortcut to enable or disable error highlighting (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E), currently only for unresolved symbols. But after enabling this, you will see many false errors, I'm not sure you want to have this.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


actually i think i already have kind of indirectly enabled this feature backwards...
i'm using different colors and fontsettings for local variables, method calls and so on. if the plguin can resolve a method, it is shown in a different color

i guess it's weeks or month then?


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