Navigation to methods in attached sources leads to .class instead of .scala

I attached all source .jars from scala folder\src. Navigation to classes works fine - if I write new List() and ctrl-click on List - IDEA shows List.scala as expected.
But if I type List.unzip and click on unzip - it navigates to List.class
Same for instance methods and for implicit apply invocation - type List(1,2,3), ctrl-click on List - it goes to List.class

Also, if I type List.unzip( and click ctrl-p it says <no parameters>

Could not find bug report about it and could not create one

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I've been meaning to bring this for a some days now. Its driving me nuts. Ctrl-N always seems to open the source. But Ctrl-Click almost never does. I find myself often closing the binary and doing an immediat Ctrl-N.

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I submitted it.
Thank you.

Beset regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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