Import Issue w/ Scala Libraries

Just getting started, and I can import Java libraries like "import java.util.Date", but when I try to import "scala.collection.mutable.Set" I get a compilation error of "value collection is not a member of package foobar.this.scala import scala.collection.mutable.Set" when I complie and run with Shift+F10.

Any ideas?



(Super simple) code follows:

package foobar.scala.test

import java.util.Date

import scala.collection.mutable.Set

object SandboxObject {

  def main(a: Array[String]) = {

    val tuple : Tuple3[Int, String, Date] = (9, "Joe Blow", new Date)

    Console.println("Date is " + tuple._3)

    val jetSet = Set("Boeing", "Airbus")

    jetSet += "Lear"




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Nevermind, just found out about "_root_"

For anyone else having similar issues, try:

import _root_.scala.collection.mutable.Set

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Moreover, better to use:
import collection.mutable.Set
because package scala is implictly imported (like java.lang).
You have workaround to import mutable sets: type Se and press Ctrl+Alt+Space. After choosing scala.collection.mutable.Set appropriate import will be added automatically.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


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