Hang Upon Starting "Make Project" in a (Nearly) All-Scala Project


I had just finished a few small edits in three files and pressed CTRL-F9. I noticed an odd flicker on the display and at that point IDEA was unresponsive to input and would no longer draw any of its window content. I verified that the modified source files had been saved properly. The project has 36 Scala sources (but many more types) and 1 Java source (the Java source was not open and had not been modified). Given the visual flicker, it might be worth noting that I have a dual-head setup with one 1920x1200 monitor (where the IDEA main window was displayed maximized) and a 1600x1200 secondary monitor (where the Structure window was displayed).

I've attached a thread dump.


IDEA: 8.1 (#9732)
JVM: Sun 1.6.0_u13
OS: Linux; x86 32-bit


Randall Schulz

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Hello, Randall.

Sorry for not answering for so long. Judging by the thread dump you've attached, this is a core IDEA problem related to synchronization of IDEA's caches due to compilation. Is this problem stable to reproduce? If yes, could you minimize an appropriate project as much as it is possible and send it to me to reproduce?

Sorry for inconvenience.

With best regards,


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The problem has not recurred since I reported it. Given that, it's not likely a minimal reproduction will be possible.

Randall Schulz


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