Problem with built-in constants

Sometimes __DIR__ and __CLASS__ are at the end of autocomplete list and  is reported as empty (__CLASS__ = ""). That wasn't always the case. Not long ago when I write __D it immediately suggested __DIR__. I'm not sure if I did something to mess up the autocomplete behavior.


Hi there,

I do see the same -- there is a big difference between what it shows for __D in v10.0.3 and latest 2016.1.1 EAP build.

No idea what ticket has changed this behaviour but right now IDE gives priority to constants like APC_ITER_DEVICE over __DIR__ (in this case first "_" as well as "_D" seems to have higher priority over more exact "__D" match...)

I'd say consider filing new ticket to the Issue Tracker



Also can confirm this behavior. Please submit an issue to the tracker.


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