Can't find code errors easily

There's a bunch of red lines on the right side (overlapping the transparent scrollbar), and in Eclipse I'm used to just clicking on the red line or dragging the scrollbar to it and having the error pop up or show up easily; in PHPStorm it isn't that simple, sometimes nothing shows, sometimes a bunch of nonsense suggestions show, and sometimes an actual error shows.

How do I just zero in on the errors?

If I click on the red exclamation point, it shows a summary but I can't click anything there to see the errors.

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Hi there,

In such situation I would use "Code | Inspect Code..." and run it on current file -- all results will be listed in dedicated tool window (somehow similar to Eclipse, I guess).

You could also try using F2/Shift+F2 (using Default keymap) to navigate between errors (see ) but I have personally don't really use it so not sure how useful/convenient it is.


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