Support for Tape/Tap based test cases

How would I run test cases that I created using the Tape testing framework?

For Mocha, I would open Run/Debug Configurations dialog --> Press + sign and add "Mocha" to run them... wondering what is the alternative for Tape?



Currently WebStorm provides no support for this framework. If you miss it, please vote for For now, you can use Node.js Run configuration to execute Tape tests. Or, you can try developing a plugin for Tape support: see for basic documentation on plugin development. Mocha runner is not fully open source, but its JavaScript part is open source ( Also, there is an open source plugin for Karma



TAP is a well-specified protocol with lots of open-source implementations, e.g.

Regarding plugin development, the only hard part here is to know IntelliJ internals. I believe that some people see that hard part as an easy part. I would definitely prefer them to do the job.

(I wrote tape-dom)


It'd be great if intellij supported it, as many tests can output tap format.


we have a feature request for Tape support, please vote for it:


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