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I'm writing an external builder for Ceylon. The ceylon compiler is built on top of javac, so it's able to compile both *.java and *.ceylon files in the same project. Since Java files can reference Ceylon declarations from the same project, I'd like to call the ceylon compiler first, then make the java compiler ignore Java files which were compiled by Ceylon.

To do this, I have a `ModuleLevelBuilder` with category `SOURCE_PROCESSOR`, so it's called before the Java builder. Now, I need to tell the Java builder that it should ignore some dirty Java files, because they were already compiled. How can I do this?

As an alternative, is it possible to avoid calling the Java builder on modules which have a certain facet? In my case, if a module has the Ceylon facet, it will automatically be compiled by the Ceylon builder.



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Additional question: is it possible, from within the IDE, to give external builders a custom list of dirty files to compile?

It is very easy for me to determine the dirty files from the IDE, but it's much more difficult to find all the files affected by a change from the external process.


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