Docker real time updates for java web app



Sorry for the noob questions. I am learning docker and trying to get away from my virtual machine development. I was reading up on docker plugin for IntelliJ and running through some docker images configurations. 

I was wondering...Is there a way to configure IntelliJ with docker images so that the same update functionality exists with exploded wars?? I really like the ability to hot swap with ctrl-10 and the ability to have my sources change in real time when I modify a client side file within my web app.

I would like to avoid the whole redeploy and restart after every little change. It looked like the docker example with the plugin requires redeploy.

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Right now IDEA integrations for app servers and for Docker don't know about each other. 
However, you can separately use Docker to start/stop the server and Remote application server run configuration to debug an application server in your container. In this case you should be able to hot swap classes via the debug connection. 
You still won't be able to update resources (since it is just not supported for a remote application server).
For IDEA 16.3 we have planned changes to smooth the experience for app servers running inside Docker container. 
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Good to hear. I look forward to the 16.3 update. Thank You.


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