Connection Keep-Alive feature

We are using lot of firewalls in our corporate LAN. Unfortunately this cause any socket connection to be lost after a given amount of inactivity.

Is there any way to setup a 'keep-alive' feature that will continuously perform a simple request like 'select 1' on the currently opened connections ?

If not, are there plans to develop this kind of feature ?

Thank you very much

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Hello Fabien,

What Database do you use? How does the error look like exactly? After what time does it disconnect? Thanks.

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Hi Andrey

I'm using MonetDB, but it seems not related to the specific database I use. I'm experiencing that problem with all socket connections between my desktop PC and the server in our corporate LAN. After a period of inactivity, the socket connection is lost because the underneath firewall is very picky

There is no error appearing, simply when I perform a new query, the JDBC driver is throwing an exception (08:35:38 [08000] Software caused connection abort: recv failed)
When a recycle the connection, it is working fine again.

I can not say precisely the amount of time. It is around 30 minutes I think.

The keep-alive feature is something I already use with other java programs through an hikaricp pool (look at this thread discussing about how it is working
Apparently in JDBC4 there is a Connection.isValid() API which does exactly that. It would be a perfect solution if DataGrip could periodically call this API (with a setting in the connection properties dialog box for instance)


Thank you



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Thank you for the information. We will think how to better handle this. You may follow related issue for MySQL:

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Yes, please, this is a tiny but a very important feature to have.  Annoying always to have to set up putty tunnel into a localhost port, with keepalive,  to keep the connections alive.   I'm using Oracle at the moment, but this is of course db independed.



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