Working with custom remotes and version control


I am using pycharm for remote development. I have a server and in it I have a directory, under which I have a pycharm project.

I defined a remote interpreter to use a python installation on that server, defined mapping between my windows instance of the pycharm project and my server one and defined a deployment server to download back needed libraries (pyspark).

Everything works fine, however I want to commit this project to version control.

The problem is, that the definitions which appear in multiple files, contain my specific information. e.g. ssh command contains my username, the location of my authentication key contains my windows username and the mapping name contains my home directory.

Other people have different values for these (their own ssh username, the mapping would contain /home/username instead of /home/myname, the key location would be C:\user\username\.ssh\key.ppk).

I can enforce standard directory structure but in all of the above, I would need to set the specific username.

Is there a way to either get the username from some external variable or export these specific definitions to a file which I can exclude from version control?

The current behavior means there is personal information in most of the .idea files.

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