Hotkey comment commening from begin string

Godd day!


ctrl+/ hotkey creates comments from begin of string - this way hide all vertical tag lines


can we customize commenting , that they can create comment like this (ignore tabs in string)


Thank you

PS: or maybe we can customize appearence, it that way : vertical lines going through comments

Русская версия

День добрый коллеги. Вопрос такой: можно ли как то кастомимзировать комментирование строк через ctrl+/ для того, чтоб коммент не трогал табуляцию и получалось как на втором скрине, а не на первом



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Hi there,

ATM such option is implemented for PHP and JavaScript/TypeScript only.

For LESS this one must be the right ticket -- (based on the fact that this one is marked as duplicate) -- watch this ticket (star/vote/comment) to get notified on any progress.

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oh, that is a bug. understood. thank you !

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Ability to specify where line comment characters should be placed is a missing feature and not a bug by any means.

But if you are talking about that ticket where commented (at first character) lines gets reindented .. then yes -- that is a bug.


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