Cannot connect to my remote MySQL database

Hi, i am using DataGrip to try and connect to my remote server Database, i input all the stuff correctly (i guess i think i do ??), but i get the error:

These are the informations i put in each field:

Hostname: Cpanel_Shard_IP //also this is the IP that is open in the MySQL remote section
Database Name: DBName
Username: The user i created in CPanel
Password: The Password i assigned to the user
Port: 3306 //the one that is shown up there in PHPMyAdmin

What i have tried: -Using the domaine name instead of teh shared IP, same result.

EDIT: according to >>this<< Port 3306 is open.


Please try to create new Connection from scratch where to enter user name and password, then hit apply and try again. Please also try to restart and check.

Please post contents of idea.log after restart and reproducing the error if problem remains. Thanks.


Hi Andrey, thank you for your reply, doesn't "Test Connection" Button does the same thing as apply, except it doesn't create a faulty data source entry in the db list ? 

Here is the log you asked for.


Thank you.


Hi, sorry for delayed reply. From the logs it seen that specified user indeed does not have access to the specified database. Please double check the data you are specifying: user name, password and that the user exists in the database you are trying to connect to. Are you able to connect from another tool using the same credentials?


Hello Andrey, thank you again for your reply and take as much time as you need to answer, how can i check if the database allows the user to connect to it ?

And to answer your question: Nope, i tried other tools, same result, no connection :s


Thank you,



This doesn't look like DataGrip issue. Check that the user you are trying to connect with exist on the database, that it has connection privileges for that database and you are using correct password.



EDIT: nvm what i said, i managed to solve it thanks to my mentor, all he did was just assign the User to the DB in Cpanel.


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