Puppet formatting and auto complete

I just moved from Eclipse to IntelliJ.  Loving it so far.  However, I have two issues.

Formatting and auto-complete.

Is there a way to import formatting from Eclipse, or a way to create my own formatting?  Puppet doesn't seem to have many options, only formatting based on tab indents.  So even simple variable formatting, that should format these variables to be single lined, doesnt work:

After formatting:

What it should look like:


The second issue is that auto complete functions don't seem to show up inside a class, which makes the autocomplete basically useless.

Without/outside class declaration:

Inside class declaration:

I really like IntelliJ and RubyMine so far, but without this formatting or auto-complete I will likely be forced back to Eclipse.  Is there any way to fix this or do I have some incorrect settings?

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Anything?  I am 1/2 way through my 30 day trial and right now, without a resolution to these issues, will be going back to Eclipse.. :(



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Hello, Jeff!

sorry to keep you waiting. I divided your request into 2 issues on our tracker, please vote for them (in this case you'll also get notifications regarding their state):



So completion inside class works, but not in case it's the first statement.



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