Pycharm and Pyramid and versions thereof (and probably other frameworks)

I had a look at Pyramid a few months ago, got it all working and then left it. I've now returned to do some serious testing and I wonder about the versions of Pyramid available and how, or perhaps if, PyCharm has a mechanism for upgrading to later versions of Pyramid ?

I did not check when I did the initial work but I noted that when I selected a 'Pyramid project' PyCharm installed all the relevant files and dependencies and, as I've mentioned, it ran. Now I have upgraded to PyCharm 2016.1.2  and looking at the version of Pyramid when I create a new Pyramid project I see that it is 1.5.7; checking on the Pylons/Pyramid website shows that 1.6.1 is the latest stable release. Perhaps not a major problem but I would prefer to use the latest version if possible.

Q1 - does PyCharm have any method for getting the latest Pyramid and does it ever check to see if there is a later version available ?

Q2 - (if the answer to Q1 in 'No') would there be any problem if I manually install a later version of Pyramid ? (I cannot find any PyCharm configuration settings that relate to Pyramid and so it may just use what's on the PATH etc , but obviously I don't want to stop it all working)

It does occur to me that the same situation may apply to other frameworks etc. with PyCharm; I'm a long-term IDEA user and in that case there are configuration settings that define versions of tools etc . (I've been using Griffon, Grails etc.) but there seems nothing in PyCharm for the tools that I'm using.

I also notice that there are very few comments to postings in this forum - if this is not the best place for such questions perhaps JetBrains could suggest where I should ask.

Currently PyCharm 2016.1.2 on Xubuntu 14.04; full IDE tools licence



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And, of course, I found it myself - but not where I had expected...

In Settings, there are 'Languages & Frameworks' and 'Tools' headings and I did expect to find something there, but, no, the list of packages, versions and update actions are actually under the heading 'Project: xxx' (where xxx is the name of your project) and then under the sub-heading 'Project interpreter'. To add insult to injury (mine, I mean) the list of packages appears to be in no particular order,, certainly not the initial few lines and to find Pyramid one has to scroll down - obviously something I hadn't bothered to do previously.

Oh well, all's well that ends well, until the next time...





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