Scanning Non Indexed Files


When I search through all files, PHPstorm always says "Scanning non-indexed files".

I've invalidated caches and restarted, waiting for the indexing, and the problem still occurs.

How do I find out what is not being indexed and why?



Do you have symlinks in a project folder anywhere? They might be causing this.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have a symlink to ZendFramework.  I'd like to keep it as a symlink and have it indexed for searching.

How can I tell PHPStorm to do this?




Unfortunately recursive symlinks are not supported.

Why do you need a symlink to a framework code?

If you use it for code assistance, then you need to add the path to ZF into File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | PHP > Include Path - it will enable the assistance but the files won't be present in a project and therefore indexed.


Thank you.  That's what I needed.



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