Not Getting Path Resolution in React.js Components

Trying to load an image in my React component.  Normally in Webstorm with anything I can hold down Command and mouse over the path and see if it's resolving.  But for some reason when I try to do this over my image below for example, its path, it says it can't resolve the path if I hold down command and mouse over it.  Like I can't even mouse over .. to tell me where I am at in the hierarchy like I normally can with my node requires or es6 imports.  I should at the least be able to resolve ../../ to see where I'm at if hold down command an mouse over those...Why is this not happening inside my react components?

I've got the root folder that holds my assets set as a resource folder in Webstorm (not sure if that's really needed but I saw others in posts say you should).


import {Component,Store} from 'reactivate';

const CompanyDetail = Component({
store: Store('./company'),
return (
<div className='ft-companyDetail'>
<div id="header">
<div class="panel vertical-space">
<img src="" />
<div id="logo" class="panel vertical-space">
<img src="../../ext/assets/logo.png" />

export default CompanyDetail;

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