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When I execute a stored procedure from MSSQL database using PHPStorm, I get a much shorter output in Database console compared with Microsoft SQL Server management Studio. The complete output from Microsoft tool contains lines like:


(1 row(s) affected)

some intermediate text output ...

(1 row(s) affected)

another text output ...

etc, etc ..


But the PHPStorm output shows me only following info only:

(53 row(s) affected)


It looks like PHPStorm output shows a SUM of the intermediate outputs, but I miss the 'prints' in the output. The way I execute the script is: 

EXEC sp_name some_params

How can I run MSSQL procedures from PHPStorm, so I can see the full output? Is it even possible?


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Could you please provide an explicit sp_* example we can use for testing?

Generally it seems like the output can't be configured at this moment, you might want to submit this as a feature request at providing some example & screenshots.


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