Ability to have default Excluded Folders (not per-project)

(Update: I also opened an issue for this: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RUBY-17583)


We use RubyMine across multiple machines, with many different projects (which change all the time, with various languages), and reimage our machines frequently.

It's a pain to have to go in and exclude the same folders across projects and machines.  For example, log, vendor/cache, node_modules, temp, .idea, etc.

These are folders that we NEVER want to index, on any project, or if we do, it's fine to opt-in on a project level.

This tedious per-project setup is one of the things that drives people away from RubyMine usage on our team to other [inferior ;)] editors, especially when it results in horrible performance and startup times (e.g. witn it's indexing a billion JS files under node_modules).

It would be great to be able to define a system-wide (not per-project) setting to exclude (from indexing) for these folders.

This could be a glob relative to the project root that would be a "super" Exclude setting to apply across all projects, in addition to any project-level excludes.

Or just a list of directories, really anything so we don't have to keep ignoring over and over.

-- Chad

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This one is huge.

If you follow the steps in this tutorial to do basically hello world http://forum.shakacode.com/t/using-react-on-rails/451, it's CRAZY slow to open up the project in RubyMine because it's indexing generated webpack bundles and npm modules.

Just git clone this, and run

bundle && npm i

and then

mine .


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