Why is starting RubyMine from the terminal a PitA?

Why would I or any other developer want to type this from the command line?

   $ /Applications/RubyMine.app/Contents/MacOS/rubymine ~/RubyMineProjects/untitled45 --line 1 ~/RubyMineProjects

Or why would I want to consume my time to write a script for this, after paying for RubyMine or IntelliJ?


Most UI tools provide a utility to install command line tools via a menu item or in the preferences into one of the bins?

There used to a RubyMine URLHandler where I could just type "$ mine .", but then again setting up the handler was a PitA for a paid product!

I  just want to get to work and not reinvent the wheel that most RubyMine and IntelliJ customers will do for command line invocation?

At least for WebStorm I can type:

   $ storm .  



RubyMine allows to create command line script to run it (Tools|Create Command-line Launcher...) and it asks for this when you run it first time after installation (the same as WebStorm).

Regards, Oleg.


Thanks for the patience and answering a stupid user question.
I should of used the 'Help -> Search' or 'Shift-Cmd-A' instead of my propensity of jumping straight to Google.
Though, I did update my path variables in the Ruby URL launcher and it seemed to still work.
I just recently purchased Web Storm, so I probably answered the question at startup as you indicated.
I've enjoyed RubyMine for a few years, and had IntelliJ for almost a year.

Thanks again!


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