PhpStorm XDebug "Debug session was finished without being paused"


I am having troubles to debug scripts (shopware, but others too) with XDebug. The Debugger will stop at the first breakpoint, but either only for a second or until I try to inspect some variables. And then I get this message:

Debug session was finished without being paused

I ran the Webserver Debug Validation which returns success, I have the PhpStorm listening for connection,to know avail.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?


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Hi there,

Please collect and provide xdebug log for such session.

Various possible reasons. Few that comes to my mind -- some old buggy xdebug version (try newer version); debugging works fine ... but still message appears -- could be because you have 404 handler triggered (e.g. missing favicon.ico which gets handled by your PHP code which has no breakpoints .. hence the message).

You can try increasing max number of simultaneous xdebug connections in IDE settings (use search box in Settings screen) -- it may give you some hints (what file/url gets triggered).


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