Autocompletion for chef plugin doesn't work

I have installed the Chef integration plugin, marked my cookbook as a cookbook, but yet, no autocompletions are being shown. What am i missing? :s



do you have the chef dk installed and selected as project SDK? Or do you have the 'chef' gem installed in your 'ruby' project SDK?


ChefDK is installed and is the chef version selected in general in rubymine. What I do notice is that RubyMine Gem manager is complaining about missing gems, which I can't put to ignore, maybe that's part of the problem. Installing hte gems doesn't work (probably due to file permissions).


Could you please attach piece of code and screenshot to understand what exactly you expect and it isn't completed.



The screenshot in attachment shows that I don't get autocomplete e.g. for the git resource. I expect autocomplete to suggest action, but it doesn't.
Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 16.09.03.png
For completeness, also the Ruby SDK and Gems screen from preferences:
Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 16.10.35.png


Is there a debug log I can get to help trace this?


Well, I've investigated this problem and seems to managed to reproduce it and fix, see RUBY-16950

Please wait for update on


Thank you so much, I'll await an update eagerly. Chef integration is pretty much the only reason for me to buy rubymine, so this would be a deal breaker.

Thanks again!


I realize this is an old post.  But I'm having exactly same issue on windows.  

ChefDK installed and rubymine pointed at ChefDK embedded ruby (C:\opscode\chefdk).  Note:  It seems like from other posts that RubyMine should auto detect when ChefDK plugin is installed (here) but that didn't occur. I added reference manually.

Chef shows up under External Libraries and some references resolve (Chef::Log for example).  However, build in chef resources do not.

I am evaluating the product and this feature is key to my decision to purchase as well.

Please Advise


Hello Chad,

could you please specify what kind of Chef resources are expected to be completed but they don't?


Hi Dmitry,

Ok,  So I now realize that I'm working in the context of a custom resource.  So the auto complete DOES work in most places.  ;)

What I observe is that given a custom resource inside an action block I don't see the autocomplete.  

For example:

I expected to see directory 


Outside of the action






please vote for the corresponding issue about custom resources support: 


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