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I am new to RubyMine and using it to write scripts w/the Amazon Web Services Ruby SDK (v2.0).  Although I do a "require 'aws-sdk" within my script, RubyMine doesn't seem to be able to auto-complete anything with the SDK.  In addition, when I run "Inspect Code..." it lists everything as unresolved ruby references.  I know when I use PyCharm and Boto (The AWS SDK for Python) all of this works fine.  Is there a way to get RubyMine to do the same?

If it helps, I'm running RubyMine 7.1.2 on OS X 10.10.3.


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most likely RubyMine failed to understand the way aws-sdk gem has been written :( some unclear dependencies and, perhaps, meta-programming.
Could you please file a bug about it in our tracker ( please provide a simple test which shows the problem we have.

Thanks in advance, Oleg.


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