RubyMine EAP 7.1 build 141.96 hammering CPU nonstop

After upgrading to RubyMine EAP 7.1 build 141.96, RubyMine is pegging my CPU at around 200% (+/- 50) nonstop, making the IDE unusable. It takes a few seconds for a single keystroke to resolve.

A coworker just upgraded at the same time and he's seeing the same problem.

Giving RubyMine more memory seems to have worked around the problem for us. Our steps to do that (console commands):

1. cp /Applications/RubyMine\ ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine70/.
2. vi ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine70/rubymine.vmoptions
3. Change -Xxs (initial memory) to 512 and -Xmx (maximum) to 1024

Looks like the new version can no longer live inside the 512MB maximum that it gives itself?

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Related to this is the fact that the vmoptions file name on OSX seems to have changed in 7.1 EAP from idea.vmoptions to rubymine.vmoptions.  Likely without that change there would have been no issue in my case, since I had already bumped the -Xmx setting in idea.vmoptions.

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could you please provide CPU dump (see for instructions)

Regards, Oleg.


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