Issue installing rails 4.2.0 automatically through RubyMine7


I am running a MBP Retina with Yosemite and I just purchased RubyMine since I am just starting in with Rails development for the first time. I actively develop in C++ and have all of the command-line tools installed on yosemite. Initially, I created a Rails project, and it stated in the drop downs that I didnt have Rails installed (just the defautl Ruby 2.0 installed on OSX). I clicked "Install Ruby Gem", and when I tried to install Rails 4.2.0 an error occured(see attached image).

While using the 30 day trial period before my purchase, I used RubyMine to just fool around with an empty project to do some Ruby code testing, which ran just fine.

Is there something I am missing?

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please re-read the message you provided.  It says that you need to install Command Line Tools (and specify how to do this).

Hope this helps, Oleg.


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