Rubymine url scheme app (OSX) for you :)


Hello all,

I made a very basic applescript app that registers the rubymine:// url scheme.

Make sure you use the Rubymine Beta 5 or higher.
Update your rubymine command-line-launcher by going to Tools -> Create Command-line Launcher

The full url should be in the form of : rubymine://open?url=file://FULL_LOCAL_PATH_TO_FILE&line=LINE_NUMBER

I would advice to use BetterErrors (which kicks ass !) available here :
Just put gem "better_errors" in your Gemfile
Then in your development.rb puts


You should now be able to click the error urls and rubymine will jump to it for you :)

Enjoy !


RubyMine Url

Thanks, great script. I am using RubyMine 4.5 which doesn't seem to accept the file:line syntax, as such the script did not work for me in it's current form. When no line is specified, e.g. 'rubymine://open?url=file://%{file}', it would still try to open '{file}:' instead of '{file}'. I have added the following to fix that:

    set file_with_line_number to MyFile
    if myLine is not "" then
        set file_with_line_number to file_with_line_number & ":" & myLine
    end if


I actually have no idea from which version the 'mine' shell script started to support the line number. Did you try to update the shell command ?
version 5 will be out soon though if you don't want to use EAP or beta :)

Thanks for sharing that piece, might bu usefull for other people as well.


Looks like the generate scripts supports: mine <file> -l <line>, so I have updated the script accordingly. Rubymine seems flaky however opening at the proper line, but that's minor: getting the proper to open from url is already super useful and more than sufficient (for me at least). Thanks again!


Hi Gerard,

thanks for this input. I'm trying to get it to work but I've no clue what to do with the attached zip file.

When I double click it, nothing seems to happen.



That is correct :)
You just need to have the app in your applications folder (or anywhere actually)

Now whenever you click on a url that starts with : rubymine:// it will open it for you in rubymine.

So if you are having a ruby / rails project and for example use better errors you can tell better errors to generate the rubymine:// links.
In my original post you can see how to enable that.

Let me know if this works for you :D



just an FYI...I actually had to put the RubyMine Url file in my applications folder.  I suppose if you want to have it in a different directoy, you can update your path vars.

Thanks Gerard for this apple script!


Thanks for your answer. I moved it to the application folder. When I click the link, I can see it popping up and closing in the OS X taskbar but then nothing happens...

To be more precise:

- At first, I had v5EAP and v4.5 coexisting and, in this config, It opened v4.5
- Then I upgraded to the official v5 and trashed the v4.5. Since then, it nothing opens anymore.

Any clue what could be wrong? I thought the name of the RubyMine App but when I look at your script, it seems to be ok...



Your old command line launcher might be pointing to RubyMine 4.5, which doesn't exist anymore. Try from RubyMine 5 to do "Tools > Create Command Line Launcher" and override the existing one. Hopefully that works.


Tried it but doesn't change... Thx.


What about Linux? What url/path should I use?


Is this the url that we should use verbatim to create the command-line launcher?


I'm using RubyMine 5 but it's not working.


Next RubyMine version is supporting custom protocol handler with x-mine scheme. Should we add rubymine scheme or x-mine:// is also ok for you?


I've create simple script that opens URL in format rubymine://open?url=file://%{file}&line=%{line} in RubyMine

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#encoding: UTF-8
#script opens URL in format rubymine://open?url=file://%{file}&line=%{line} in RubyMine
require 'uri'

url = ARGV.first
/file:\/\/(?<file>.+)&line=(?<line>\d+)/ =~ url
file_arg = URI.unescape(file)
line_arg = line ? ":#{line}" : ""
cmd = "mine #{file_arg}#{line_arg}"

Put it somewhere in your PATH and name it eg mine-open.
To handle rubymine:// protocol in KDE you shoud create file ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/rubymine.protocol

exec=mine-open %u

Look at how to do it in other desktop environments.

mine is ok for me!

Is it supported in the last EAP release? (5.4)


Yes, x-mine protocol from rubymine_heaven gem is supported in 5.4


OK, it finally works. Thanks!

Just FYI, I didn't use "Rubymine heaven". I just did what Gerard said to do and adapted the sentence in development.rb:

BetterErrors.editor='x-mine://open?file=%{file}&line=%{line}' if defined? BetterErrors

Works like a charm. Thanks again!


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