Window keeps minimizing on open

When I open up PHPStorm for the day (after Windows login), instead of being maximized like I closed it, it's unmaximized but the size of the monitor but shifted a little bit down and to the right; this means I can accidentally misclick it on my other monitor since it can slightly overlap another window. I have to maximize it again (the "square" button at the top right of the window) to have it position correctly.

What is going on? I've tried shrinking the window, closing it, opening it up again (which will show it shrinked), then maximizing it, but when I close it to log off, it's minimized again (and I don't mean hidden to the taskbar).

I've seen a few other programs do this, and I'm not sure what to do about it; it just looks like a bug.

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Hi there,

Could be or one of the linked tickets.

I personally have not seen such behaviour for the long time now (3 or 4 years now) although Windows is still the same (Windows was installed at the end 2011 .. while ticket reported in late 2012). No idea what must be causing this.


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