Visual differentiation between projects

Is it possible to change the background color of the project window (or some other component) that would help to rapidly identify the project I am working in at the time?  I know how to change the editor colors on a global scale, but I would like something more project specific.

I tend to have multiple projects open at one time, and I have been known to edit a file in the wrong project because I am moving too quickly and assuming I'm in the right one. As an example, I've configured my SQLyog interface to have a light green background when connecting to one server, light blue for another, etc, etc.

Is this functionality possible in the current version? If so, how/where, if not, open to suggestions on what others do to avoid shooting themselves in the foot like this.

Thank you in advance.



we do not have suh functionality implemented :(

Regards, Oleg.


I would appreciate this too, this is how looks like my project switching screen :) (as we are using microservices architecture so we have a lot of small scale projects)


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