RubyMine/Linux and hidpi screen problems (3200x1800)

I'm trying to set up RM in Linux (Ubuntu 14.10) with Yoga 2 Pro laptop.
It looks very bad with tiny toolbar and icons that look more like dots on the screen.
It's been some time since hi-dpi screens appeared, and RM7 is quite fresh release - and nothing that can be done?
Also some menu lines are overlapping, and sub-menu indicators/arrows in menu items are almost invisible due to their size.

is there somethings to tweak?

I'm attaching my screenshot that shows most of the problems.  Scaling is set to 1.75 in unity settings, and [some] other apps behave good.

PS I've seen a bug in the tracker for IntelliJ, is it the same problem here? Seems like no one reacts to that bugreport for a year(!)

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Seems no more questions needed. :(

But maybe at least in this forum someone will tell us about plans to fix this shameful bug?


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