Getting an uninitialized constant error in RM 6.3; any pathing we need to set?

Hi everyone,

We're setting a new employee up with RubyMine 6.3 and are encountering a weird error involving (I think) their paths.

In our code we have a class like so:

class BrowserCookies
include BrowserUtilities


We're using RM in conjunction with cucumber and some browser automation tests.

After we've installed all the needed gems, installed devkit and for good measure run a bundle install from RM, when we try to run any cucumber feature file this person is told that BrowserUtilities is an uninitialized constant-- so in other words it can't find it.

We're looking in the Run-->Edit Configuration sections of RubyMine and comparing this person's working directory with ours, and it all seems good.  Their gem file appears complete as well.  What's more if we open the BrowserCookies class in RM and right click on BrowserUtilities, and choose Go to Declaration we have no problem finding it?

Would anyone have an idea on where we might look next?

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it is definitely path issue but to help we need to know more about scrtucture of your project and where BrowserCookies, BrowserUtilities, and a feature you run are located.

Regards, Oleg.


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