J2ME, trying to get 'Hello world' MIDlet running on emulator


I'm new to IDEA (using community edition), but not new to J2ME dev in general, and currently trying to get a 'Hello world' MIDlet to run on the WTK 2,5,2 emulator.

I think I have done all the steps here correctly.


Added SDK and JDK


then created a new project


the code I have

project compiles fine, then set the Run parameters


Now the problem, I get
""HelloWorld.jad - The system can not find the specified file""

So the question is:
How do I make the .jad/.jar files now or should I choose another method for running on the emulator ?

I've also tried Run -> Edit configurations -> tick 'Class' instead of 'Jad' but then I get
"JAR file corrupted, rebuild module before run", but rebuilding doesn't help though, same error message.
Language level is set to 1.3.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

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