No way to tell what branch you are on?

So, I just lost 2 days work and ended up with a mess and the main reason was that I thought I was on a different branch.

Is there any way of telling what git branch you are on in Rubymine? I have looked all over the screen and scoured the menu's but can't see it anywhere. Surely this should be shown prominently? I am not a git expert be any means, but the command line seems much better at this point since at least I know what's going on with git. I have no idea in rubymine :(


The only way I know is VCS|Git|Branches it will show all branches and your current branch (at the bottom of the popup).

Regards, Oleg.


There's a combo in the statusbar:
Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 7.25.54 PM.png


Well slap my thigh and call me Gertrude - it was there all along! I must have cast my eyes over it 20 times and not seen it :)

Thank you.


I also looked all over for the current branch without finding it, until stumbling on this post. I would love to have the current branch as the first line in the "Changes" pane and prominently on the "commit changes" dialog. I'm always afraid that I'm checking things into the wrong place. I'd like to be reminded of the branch as I'm looking at the files that I'm about to commit.


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