installing rubymine 7 on osx on top of rubymine 6

Please advise on how best to install RubyMine 7 on mac:

- should i delete 6.3 first? i will lose all preferences and       project setup data
- should i replace the existing one (as the installer asks)? then all 6.3 files will       remain as clutter which will be hard to remove/cleanup
- should i add 7.0 as a second app?

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Hello Rajesh,

Don't remove it because you need to migrate your settings to the new version. When you running a new version at the first time you are ale to import all settings from the existing version.
Also it's possible to export your settings via File | Export Settings... to settings.jar and then import in a new version. All files will be installed in the separate directory. When you check that all settings are imported succesfully, just remove RubyMine 6.3.3 from the Applications (Move to Trash).


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