How is Remote Ruby SDK treated

So I am attempting to use the Remote Ruby SDK function in Rubymine IDE. I have a remote Ruby SDK installed on my Virtual machine.
Now when I set Rubymine on my host machine to use the SDK from my VM, a dialog pops up that shows info about Rubymine downloading what seems to be the whole SDK.

So my question is, what is the read/write wear of using this function? I am operation on a machine with an SSD and I am a bit paranoid about the lifespan of my SSD if this function is doing a lot of file movement on my system. I noticed my .RubyMine60 folder went to a size of 300mb after setting up a Remote SDK. So there sure is some movement going on.

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yes, we do copy gems from remote sdk to local file system to be able to provide code-insight and other IDE's features.

Regards, Oleg.


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