RubyMine doesn't detect the default homebrew installation of rbenv

The RubyMine 6.3 docs suggest that RubyMine only searches ~/.rbenv for rbenv installed rubies. In the comments of this documentation another user notes that Homebrew's default installation path is: /usr/local/opt/rbenv.  My rbenv install via brew ended up in /usr/local/var/rbenv.

Documentation Comments Quote:

Hasán Faruq Chris Sargeant 4 months ago

This should perhaps be enabled? I imagine it takes quite little work to enable RubyMine to scan /usr/local/opt/rbenv - given that it is the default homebrew installation dir, it should definitely be considered.

It would be wonderful if RubyMine also scanned that homebrew paths or allowed the configuration of a homebrew root (for example by looking at the  RBENV_ROOT environment variable).


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RubyMine actually reads RBENV_ROOT to get rbenv location so if this doesn't work for this is a bug
feel free to file one in our tracker.

Regards, Oleg.


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