Updating gems did not add Gemfile.lock to "Changes" window


I'm using RM EAP 138.1968. I just updated my gems which caused the Gemfile.lock file to change. The problem was that Gemfile.lock did not appear in the "Changes" window. Which was a very bad thing because it meant that there were no changes to committ - even though the file had clearly changed.

I was in my "work" branch when I did this. Just to try something - anything - to get this to work I switched to my "master" branch. When I did, Gemfile.lock appeard in the "Changes" window. When I switched back to my "work" branch it was still there, which allowed me to at least committ those changes.

I just wanted to bring this to someone's attention.

-- Larry

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RubyMine runs "bunle check" in background from time to time and this is why Gemfile.lock is changed after Gemfile changed.
But this action may be delayed and I think this is what you had in your situation.
To force Gemfile.lock changes you need to run "bundle install" or "bundle update" otherwise you can not be sure that Gemfile.lock has
been changed to address changes in Gemfile.

Regards, Oleg.


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