How can I make a custom run config for a non listed build tool?

I am trying to run tests using a tool that I believe was developed in house where I am working but there is no support for it outside of the company. More info on it can be found here

I basically need to run a cucumber test and want to do so from within RubyMine to easily debug and add break points without cluttering the code or submitting code with debug statements in it.
To run a test from the command line I run:

rock --env=qa test features/file_name.feature

or a specific scenario with the line number would be:

rock --env=qa test features/file_name.feature:32

I've been investing a decent amount of time into RubyMine trying to figure this out but I am new to ruby and not sure how to make this work. Going to buy the license when my time is up but I dont think I could convince anyone else to use it without being able to run things from within the IDE. Would really appreciate the help on this or a link to someone who has solved it. I didnt see any other posts with an answer.

I would also be willing to right a plugin if needed and had some direction on to start

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I'm not sure if this will work but I'd start with attempting to write Rakefile which will wrap rock execution.

Hope this helps, Oleg.


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